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Bell-Man Resort Membership

Price information 

Bell-Man's Membership price for Resort & Condominium. Please note Membership type and each procedure.

Membership Information

A-type / Another Building
  1. If you like a specific condo to stay for 10 days or more every year, register it

  2. If you are interested in selling your stunning resort, register it

  3. Bell-Man Operations Team analyze it

  4. If the Room meets our criteria

  5. We post it for other members to know the date to apply

  6. If all applicant's accounts exceed 40% of room occupancy rate a year

  7. We notify that plan is succeeded

  8. When membership dues are paid by the applicants

  9. Bell-Man will invest the rest

  10. Bell-Man manages that room 

  11. All applicants can start to book

*If the applicants are not filled within the announced period, the project will be invalid. May be resumed upon applicant's request

B-type / Bell-Man Building
  1. If you are interest in Bell-Man Membership Program

  2. If a company or organization needs a vacation spot for its employees

  3. Please Apply during the published period

  4. And if membership dues are paid by you

  5. Get your Membership Account ID

  6. You can start to book a room with ID

If you are interested in selling your nice resort or condo

  • If It's Location is in a lively downtown area of a major city

  • If you boast an ocean view, on or along the beach

  • Register your resort & condo and leverage our strong network 

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