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Concierge Services

For consulting an expert

Bell-Man Network consists of experienced experts in various fields.

Experts can register their names or companies to become a Partner.

At Bell-Man, we don't directly provide services in the experts' fields. Instead, we act as an operations team that facilitates connections between clients and experts.

Bell-Man's Concierge Operators: "We"
Each Expert, Service Provider: "Partner"

Brief Procedure

  1. The client leaves a message

  2. We reconfirm it to the client

  3. We analyze and post it

  4. An expert partner replies to us

  5. We share it with the client

  6. If the client accept expert's suggestion and wants further discussion, can chat with the expert

  7. If the client agrees to the expert's terms, can sign the contract

  8. After paying the amount to be entrusted to Bell-Man, the contract is concluded

  9. Unless other specified, Bell-Man will pay to expert under the client's approval only, it will be divided into three installments: 30% down payment, 30% intermediate payment, and 40% balance

  10. The expert must request each payment at least 2 business days in advance

  11. All payment issues should be resolved between the client and partner based on the contract

  12. More information, > Terms and Conditions

Contact for Concierge Service

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